Insights from igniteEX: A Prequel — March 7 PEN Webinar

In many ways, what's required for organizational excellence these days has changed: there are new work environments (such as hybrid), severe talent shortages, emerging technologies (like artificial intelligence).  But in other ways, nothing has changed: we still need to satisfy our customers; we still need to engage our teams; and we still need to improve [...]

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Accelerating, Achieving, Sustaining Excellence: A (re)Introduction to Baldrige — March 21 PEN Webinar

Today’s environment is complex: leaders are navigating new and unique challenges, as most sectors and industries deal with staffing & talent shortages, economic & budget constraints, and ever-shifting customer & market expectations.  While not a prescriptive “silver bullet,” the now 37-year-old Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework provides leaders of any organization or any community a pathway [...]

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Excellence is About People! — April 18 IN-PERSON Pre-Conference Workshop

There are many things required for organizations to thrive: effective processes, good data and decision making, valuable products & services, a solid strategic plan.  But all of those things -- indeed, organizational excellence itself -- requires people! The Performance Excellence Network -- in partnership with the Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence and the Iowa Quality Center — is [...]

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Insights to Excellence: Exploring 6 Great Practices in 18 Minutes — Nov 16 PEN Webinar

Leaders are dealing with so many challenges these days: continued staffing pressures; continued economic constraints; changing technology (including AI); changing customer preferences, and many more.  Juggling all of these challenges is difficult, at best.  And some organizations are good at managing some of the challenges; others are good at managing others. The Performance Excellence Network [...]

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Advancing Performance Excellence: Baldrige 201 — Nov 14 & 17 Online Workshop

The Performance Excellence Network — in partnership with the Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence — is pleased to announce a powerful workshop: Advancing Performance Excellence: Baldrige 201, November 14 & 17 -- both 8:00AM to 12:00PM both online. Baldrige 201 builds off of Baldrige 101 (Principles of Performance Excellence (which is offered many times a year, [...]

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The Path to Excellence: The Real Value of Baldrige — PEN Feb 2019

In the wake of the last “Great Recession” in the 1980s (though we didn’t call it that back then), America was in economic trouble.  The country suffered a two-phase recession in 1980-82 – one that left unemployment high and interest rates even higher (recall credit cards and mortgages well beyond 20%!).  The economic challenges were [...]

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A Powerful Professional Development Opportunity: Consider Becoming a 2018 PEN Evalautor

Are you interested in learning more about what makes organizations excellent -- go from good to truly great?  Are you interested in helping other organizations -- such as schools, hospitals, non-profits, and businesses -- around the region improve their performance?  Are you interested in helping Minnesota and North/South Dakota become more competitive?  Are you interested [...]

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Governor Recognizes SDDOT for Continuous Improvement, Performance Excellence

July 16, 2018   For Immediate Release PEN Contact: Brian Lassiter, President Performance Excellence Network 612-868-3519   SDDOT Contact: Kristi Sandal South Dakota Department of Transportation 605-295-0150 SDDOT Receives Recognition for Continuous Improvement 2017 Performance Excellence Award Presented by Governor Daugaard   PIERRE, SD, July 16, 2018 – At a celebration hosted by [...]

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Performance Excellence Network Recognizes Three Organizations

May 7, 2018   For Immediate Release Contact: Brian Lassiter, President Performance Excellence Network 612-868-3519 Performance Excellence Network Recognizes Three Organizations 2017 Performance Excellence Awards Presented at PENworks 2018 Conference   ST. PAUL, Minn., May 7, 2018 – The Performance Excellence Network (PEN), formerly the Minnesota Council for Quality, today honors three recipients of [...]

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The Butterfly Effect: Managing Your Organization as a System – PEN July 2017

Because most things in life are part of larger systems, some seemingly trivial events can have significant impact.  For example, in 1961, mathematician and meteorologist Edward Lorenz took a shortcut in entering data in a weather prediction model.  He innocently entered .506 instead of the full numeric value of.506127, and the result was a completely [...]

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