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PEN Partners with The Lean Six Sigma Company to Help Organizations Streamline Operations

The need to improve organizational efficiency and productivity has never been greater. Today’s challenges require organizations to streamline operations, finding ways to eliminate waste, simplify processes, and quickly improve results. PEN is excited to partner with The Lean Six Sigma Company (TLSSC) to bring powerful online and in-person offerings to our members in a convenient, virtual, efficient, and cost-effective way.


Every organization strives to satisfy – and preferably exceed – customer needs, all while performing at maximum efficiency and operating at the lowest possible costs. The Lean Six Sigma methodology is a data-driven and proven methodology that enables organizations to achieve these goals. It does so through a structured approach of identifying and measuring the problem, eliminating root-causes and wasteful activities, and implementing effective solutions, which in turns lead to faster lead-times, reduced defects and minimizing of variation in processes. This approach in turn, is divided in daily initiatives and project-based initiatives, each of which contain specific methods, tools and techniques. Examples of these are the DMAIC project method, stand-ups, kaizen events and value stream mapping.

LEAN 7 Wastes: Transportation, Inventory, Motion, Wait, Over production, Over-processing, Defect
LEAN 6 Sigma: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control


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Next series of courses start May 6, 2024!

Lean Practitioner Course

Lean Practitioner
3 Days
$1,995 Public
$1,695 Member

Lean Green Belt Course

Green Belt
6 Days
$3,995 Public
$3,395 Member

Lean Black Belt Course

Black Belt
8 Days
$4,995 Public
$4,295 Member

Lean Black Belt Manufacturing Course

Black Belt Manufacturing
10 Days
$6,250 Public
$5,320 Member


  • Training program is ISO certified (13053 & 18404) ensuring the highest quality standards. Check out this video!
  • Courses include simulations, interactive exercises, videos and much more.  Check out this video!
  • Internationally recognized certificate.
  • The Green Belt and Black Belt Courses include both Lean and Six Sigma modules.
  • All fees (like exam) and Lean and Six Sigma books are included.
  • Presence in more than 30 countries with over 4,000 customers and more than 25,000 trained students.
  • There are no prerequisites — you can go straight for each of the courses!


Achieving performance excellence is not a goal that must be achieved only once but is a cyclical process of continuous improvement. After all, we live in an age of exponential change, wherein the threat of stagnation is ever-present, and the road to success is forged through constant innovation.

To avoid stagnation and pave our way toward the future, we have to identify the improvement potential in our processes on a daily basis. Organizations need to constantly strive for perfection in the way we work. This is the mindset of continuous improvement that is central to both the Baldrige Excellence Framework and the Lean Six Sigma methodology.


What sets Lean Six Sigma apart from comparable methodologies is its exceptionally broad applicability. Essentially, it can be used to improve any process that can be repeated. As such, it isn’t limited to manufacturing but can also be applied to virtually any process within the service industry as well. Whether it is improving the speed and efficiency of an assembly line process or providing customer service, Lean Six Sigma can be applied to make an improvement.


While Lean Six Sigma offers tried-and-true techniques and project methods, its greatest strengths are creating insight and structure. The methodology creates clarity on how work is performed while locating where inefficiencies lie. Not just for a select layer in the organization but for all employees involved. Work is structured in such a way that solving issues and making improvements become a daily routine. And because routines create habits and habits influence culture, Lean Six Sigma essentially fosters a culture of responsibility.

LEAN Organization Chart Continuous Improvement at the Top under that is Ongoing Initiative ans Project-based Initiatives. Under Ongoing Initiatives is: Yellow Belts, Lean Thinkers, Lean Practitioners. Under Project-based Initiatives is: Yellow Belts, Green Belts, Black Belts.


TLSSC’s courses are focused on teaching the full methodology using a holistic approach to achieve certification for a specific role within Lean or Lean Six Sigma, such as that of the Lean Practitioner, Green Belt, or Black Belt. Upon completion, full certification is awarded, which prepares you to deploy the Lean Six Sigma or Lean methodology in your organization or operate within a Lean Six Sigma or Lean department.

The training courses are interactive, consisting of simulations, short videos, movies, theory, quizzes, and a theoretical exam. After this course, you will be ready for your Lean Six Sigma project!

Join a community of over 25,000 students around the world and become an expert in Lean Six Sigma and be a change agent in your organization, delivering valuable results!

About Lean Six Sigma Company

TLSSC is one of the world’s leading providers of Lean Six Sigma education. The Lean Six Sigma Company’s classroom courses and workshops are certified according to the ISO18404 and ISO13053 standards, ensuring that the knowledge, skills, and competencies are recognized internationally. TLSSC has also collaborated with multiple universities in Europe in order to spread LSS within the academic setting.

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