Polarity Thinking: Finding the Balance in Everything — Oct 2023

Life is about paradoxes: sickness versus health; richer versus poorer; hot versus cold; better versus worse; happy versus sad.  The same is true in our organizations: success versus failure; growth versus contraction; centralization versus decentralization; efficiency versus innovation.  The truth, of course, is that these poles are not binary -- they’re all on a continuum, [...]

2023-10-23T13:13:03-05:00October 23, 2023|

Leading through Uncertainty: The Wine Detective — Nov 9 IN-PERSON Workshop

The complexities of leading through uncertainty are undeniable: the path ahead is often obscured by unforeseen challenges, market disruptions, and technological advancements. The very nature of uncertainty breeds discomfort and resistance, making it a formidable adversary to effective leadership. However, it is precisely during these times of ambiguity that the mettle of leaders is truly [...]

2023-09-15T09:30:48-05:00August 21, 2023|

The Butterfly Effect: Managing Your Organization as a System – PEN July 2017

Because most things in life are part of larger systems, some seemingly trivial events can have significant impact.  For example, in 1961, mathematician and meteorologist Edward Lorenz took a shortcut in entering data in a weather prediction model.  He innocently entered .506 instead of the full numeric value of.506127, and the result was a completely [...]

2017-07-26T19:24:28-05:00July 26, 2017|
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