Finding Your Ikigai: Aligning Your Career with Your Purpose — Dec 2023

We’re all dealing with a lot: a continuing global pandemic; significant changes in work environments and other organizational challenges (staffing shortages, supply chain issues, workplace toxicity); and the stresses of constant work/life pressures.  The events of the last three or four years have compelled many to reexamine how their professional lives align or harmonize with [...]

2023-12-18T13:59:41-06:00December 18, 2023|

Exploring Life’s Priorities: Rocks, Pebbles, Sand & On Being a Time Billionaire — Aug 2023

During the COVID years, we were all given the opportunity to reflect on our mortality and on what’s truly important in life: our fast-paced daily routines came to an abrupt halt, allowing us to recalibrate -- to refocus on the priorities in each of our lives. But, while COVID isn’t over, most of us have [...]

2023-08-25T06:33:01-05:00August 22, 2023|

Overwork, Underperform: Why More Hours Leads to Less Productivity — PEN Dec 2018

People are overworked.  Maybe it’s because we reset after the last recession and are all asked to do more with less.  Maybe it’s because 10,000 Baby Boomers are retiring EVERY Day, forcing all of us to do more with less.  Maybe it’s because wages really haven’t kept up with inflation the last 30-40 years, forcing [...]

2018-12-18T16:24:04-06:00December 18, 2018|

Finding Your Life’s Meaning: A Quest to Discover Ikigai – PEN August 2017

What’s the meaning of life?  No really: what’s the meaning of your life?  It’s an age-old question, but you could argue that it’s the foundation of true life-long happiness, fulfillment, and even self-actualization.  Getting there, however, may take a lifetime of work!   To speed that along a bit, I offer “ikigai,” a Japanese concept [...]

2017-08-28T14:12:46-05:00August 28, 2017|
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