Polarity Thinking: Finding the Balance in Everything — Oct 2023

Life is about paradoxes: sickness versus health; richer versus poorer; hot versus cold; better versus worse; happy versus sad.  The same is true in our organizations: success versus failure; growth versus contraction; centralization versus decentralization; efficiency versus innovation.  The truth, of course, is that these poles are not binary -- they’re all on a continuum, [...]

2023-10-23T13:13:03-05:00October 23, 2023|

Unleashing the Strategic Mindset: Building More Proactive and Responsive Teams — Oct 19 PEN Webinar

The last several years have forced many (most?) organizations into reactive mode: with a constantly shifting environment, organizations are forced to adapt, respond, react.  But constantly reacting is inefficient: it doesn’t allow an organization to thoughtfully plan, deploy resources on more strategic opportunities, and it creates waste as well as stress for the workforce.  As [...]

2023-09-20T09:45:01-05:00September 20, 2023|
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