Calendar of Events

The Shift: Recruiting, Engaging & Retaining Workers in Today’s Environment — June 4 IN PERSON Twin Ports Forum

Leaders, are you finding it more and more challenging to recruit, retain and develop your staff and teams?  Everyone wants the best performing teams and individuals within their organizations, but with today’s staffing challenges, it’s become more and more difficult to recruit, engage, and retain solid talent (and wages and benefits are just not enough [...]

Neuroscience-Powered Leadership to Reduce Stress, Burnout — June 6 IN-PERSON WORKSHOP

Twin Cities TBD

Neuroscience-Powered Leadership: How Good Leaders Beat High Stress & Burnout “100% Very Satisfied” is the feedback from participants of this workshop hosted by PEN in November 2022. * How can leaders rely on science to mitigate stressors and prevent burnout? * Why do stressed employees become disengaged and unmotivated? * Why does relying on resilience and [...]

Rumble Skills: Improving Leadership by Improving Communication — June 13 PEN Webinar

Direct communication skills are the foundation to strong leadership and effective teams.  But with all the changes in today's work environment (hybrid and remote workers; changing demographics, generational preferences, and an increasingly diverse workforce;  advancement of different communication channels) and with the increasingly important conversations that leaders need to have with their workers, how do [...]

The Principles of Excellence: Baldrige 101 — July 23 & 30 ONLINE Workshop

Today, organizations continue to experience challenges like never before: staffing shortages, inflationary pressure & economic uncertainty, managing a virtual/hybrid workforce, navigating supply chain issues, and managing through accelerating change are but a few of the many challenges facing today’s leaders.  But – with the complexity of organizations – where does one start? How do you [...]

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