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Workforce Strategies: Staffing, Recruiting, Retaining Talent — Oct 5 PEN Webinar

Finding and retaining good talent continues to be challenging for many — or most — organizations, and could continue to be a problem for several years.  The impact is real: it's affecting service and production levels, productivity, team morale.  But finding, attracting (and keeping!) quality talent is easier said that done.  Come explore some new [...]

Unleashing the Strategic Mindset: Building More Proactive and Responsive Teams — Oct 19 PEN Webinar

The last several years have forced many (most?) organizations into reactive mode: with a constantly shifting environment, organizations are forced to adapt, respond, react.  But constantly reacting is inefficient: it doesn’t allow an organization to thoughtfully plan, deploy resources on more strategic opportunities, and it creates waste as well as stress for the workforce.  As [...]

The Principles of Excellence: Baldrige 101 — Oct 24 & 31 ONLINE Workshop

Today, organizations continue to experience challenges like never before: staffing shortages, inflationary pressure & economic uncertainty, managing a virtual/hybrid workforce, navigating supply chain issues, and managing through accelerating change are but a few of the many challenges facing today’s leaders.  But – with the complexity of organizations – where does one start? How do you [...]

Leading through Uncertainty: The Wine Detective — Nov 9 IN-PERSON Workshop

The complexities of leading through uncertainty are undeniable: the path ahead is often obscured by unforeseen challenges, market disruptions, and technological advancements. The very nature of uncertainty breeds discomfort and resistance, making it a formidable adversary to effective leadership. However, it is precisely during these times of ambiguity that the mettle of leaders is truly [...]


Advancing Performance Excellence: Baldrige 201 — Nov 14 & 17 Online Workshop

The Performance Excellence Network — in partnership with the Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence — is pleased to announce a powerful workshop: Advancing Performance Excellence: Baldrige 201, November 14 & 17 -- both 8:00AM to 12:00PM both online. Baldrige 201 builds off of Baldrige 101 (Principles of Performance Excellence (which is offered many times a year, [...]

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