Dear Santa: Please Bring Us All a Better Tomorrow — Dec 2022

December 14, 2022

Dear Santa:

The last couple of years have been extraordinarily challenging for organizations, for communities, for leaders (and for us all as people).  The combination of the pandemic, staffing issues, supply chain disruptions, growing economic constraints, shifting work environments, among other things have created what might be the most challenging period for leaders and professionals to navigate.  Ever.  It’s created stress; it’s led to burnout; and it’s impacted the results we’re all trying to achieve — as organizations, communities, or individuals.

So, in the spirit of the holidays, I’m writing to ask for a few things this year — not things that can be purchased in a store or whipped up at the North Pole.  But things that matter.  Here is my wish list this year:

  • More health, less illness
  • More gratitude, less entitlement
  • More optimism, less pessimism
  • More kindness, less toxicity
  • More leadership coaching, less leadership dictating
  • More teamwork & collaboration, less individualism & selfishness
  • More staffing resources, less stress & burnout
  • More understanding, less closed mindedness
  • More (organizational & personal) learning, less (organizational & personal) ignorance
  • More listening (for understanding, empathy & appreciation), less disregard and disinterest
  • More inquiry, less judgment
  • More constructive dialogue, less complaining
  • More we & us, less me and I
  • More efficiency & productivity, less waste
  • More simplicity, less (unnecessary) complexity
  • More smiles, fewer frowns
  • More (professional & personal) courage, less (professional & personal) fear
  • More equity & inclusion, less prejudice & bias
  • More data-based decision making, less reliance on gut & intuition
  • More transparency, less opacity & dishonesty
  • More authenticity, less deception
  • More accountability, less blame and projection
  • More focus on action, less hesitation & delay
  • More agility & resilience, less rigidity & inflexibility
  • More innovation, less stagnation
  • More receptivity to change, less inertia
  • More ethical behavior, integrity & character, less deceit, corruption & dishonesty
  • More focus on people & relationships, less focus on things and materialism
  • More happiness, less pain
  • More fun, less boredom
  • More forward, less backward
  • More love, less hate
  • More improvement, less decline
  • More excellence, less mediocrity

Even if you can bring just a few of these items, the world will be a better place.  And so will our organizations and our communities.  Thank you for considering it.

— Sincerely, Brian


Believe it or not, the inspiration for the “Dear Santa” format came from a Baby Blues cartoon in last week’s paper.  I know there are some reading this who don’t celebrate Christmas (and many who don’t believe in Santa), but I thought it would be a lighthearted, somewhat creative way to share a set of hopes and aspirations — goals and intentions, if you will — as we close out 2022 and eagerly look forward to 2023.  Having said that, maybe it’s more of a set of New Year’s resolutions than it is a “Dear Santa” list.  I hope you’ll look past the metaphor and consider the intent.

So as you wrap up another stressful, hectic year and hopefully spend time with loved ones, enjoying a little downtime the next couple of weeks, I invite you to read the list again — maybe a couple of times.  Read it once through the lens of a leader (or, if you don’t lead people, then as a team member), then read it as it relates to your family, then as it relates to your friends or community.  In most cases, the principles of good leadership are the same as the principles of being a good parent, a good citizen or community member, a good friend, or just a good person.  Maybe a few of those statements resonate stronger than others for you.  So pick a couple.  And if Santa doesn’t bring them, maybe turn them into 2023 goals or resolutions — for yourself, your team, your organization or your family or community.

Thank you for your support and engagement in 2022, and here’s to a wonderfully brighter 2023.  Whatever you celebrate this season, have very Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.

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Never stop improving!

Brian S. Lassiter

President, Performance Excellence Network

Catalyst for Success Since 1987!

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