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Excellence is a Choice: 44 Insights on Positivity, Optimism & Improvement – PEN June 2018

Quick show of hands: who is stressed?  Maybe not right this second, but sometime the last few days or weeks?  Any stress out there?  I’m not sure anyone is actually raising their hand at their desks, but metaphorically, for those of you who didn’t, you’re probably lying because the data show we’re all pretty stressed [...]

2018-06-24T19:12:34-05:00June 24, 2018|

Lessons in Leadership & in Life: What Puerto Rico Can Teach Us All – PEN May 2018

Imagine living without power for eight months.  That’s 241 days.  Or 5,784 hours.  I get cranky if we lose power for eight hours, let alone eight months!  But that’s what our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico have endured since Hurricane Maria, which struck the US territory September 20, 2017.  And many have endured so much [...]

2018-05-23T02:45:42-05:00May 23, 2018|

The Art (and Science) of Networking – PEN Apr 2018

Ok – quick show of hands: who reading this loves to network?  Seriously, vote here to indicate your fondness of professional networking; you can see others’ votes here (then come back and read the rest of the article!).   While some people (mainly extroverts) thrive on networking, I’m guessing most of you really don’t like [...]

2018-04-16T22:14:41-05:00April 16, 2018|
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