Aug 2014 Newsletter

August 28, 2014

Aug 2014 Newsletter
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Chillax: 13 Ways to Reduce Workplace Stress 


Quick trivia: from what movie does the line “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!” come?  It comes from the 1976 movie, The Network.  Winner of four Academy Awards and with an all-star cast, The Network is a satirical film about a struggling fictional TV network.  The movie climaxes with the anchor of the evening news, after learning he has two weeks before the program is cancelled and after threatening to commit suicide on the air, erupting in a 4-minute on-air rant that inspires the country to unify in his misery (if you’re curious, visit here).


But some 38 years later, most American workers still feel extremely high levels of stress in their jobs.  In fact, in a recent survey, 83% are stressed out by at least one thing at work, and 70% of American workers are disengaged (check out my July blog on how to increase employee engagement).  And it’s getting worse: the World Health Organization predicts that stress will be the leading cause of physical disability in the world by 2020.

It’s no wonder: coming off of a monumental recession, many American workers are asked to do more with less – their days (and sometimes their nights and weekends) are filled with an ever-increasing workload.  So as summer winds down, and people conclude their vacations and long Labor Day weekends, today’s article focuses on the individual worker – 13 ways to reduce stress on the job (or in your personal life) that can be used by anyone in any organization or circumstance…

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Upcoming PEN Events – 

The Performance Excellence Network, in collaboration with the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program and the Alliance for Performance Excellence, is pleased to host one of two Baldrige Regional Conferences next month!  The Minnesota conference will be Tuesday, September 23 in Bloomington, MN (pre-conference September 22); the other conference is September 9 in Los Angeles.

The event will feature 10+ high performing organizations, all recipients of the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Each will share best practices on how they ensure visionary leadership, effective strategic planning, a strong customer focus, high levels of workforce engagement, and efficient and effective operations.  Early Bird ends Sept 1.  More information and registration is on this website.  Don’t miss this extraordinary learning/networking opportunity!

2014 Performance Excellence Award — Cycle 3 Letter of Intent Sept 1
Baldrige Regional Conference — Twin Cities Sept 23
Learn What Drives Excellence — Evaluator Deadline Oct 1
No Twin Ports Discussion in Sept; Next Meeting Oct 22

Education Improvement Summit — Rochester Nov 6-7

PEN Partner Events – Learn More
Present to Win: Making Your Message Stick — MN OD Network Sept 4 (PEN members $10 discount)
Reverse Engineering Difficult Decisions — PMI Sept 9 (PEN members 5% discount)
Sharpen Your Question Acumen — MN Facilitators Network Sept 11 (PEN members $10 discount)
Best Practices for Working with SMEs — MNISPI Sept 16 ($15 for guests)
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