2015 Performance Excellence Award Deadlines Announced

February 25, 2015

Is your organization interested in using a proven Framework to identify and prioritize its improvement opportunities? Would your workforce engagement increase from providing input into your organization’s future? Would your organization benefit from public recognition of your improvement efforts and your performance outcomes?

The Performance Excellence Network is pleased to announce the three deadlines for its 2015 Performance Excellence Award:

Cycle 1: Letters of Intent due Mar 1, Applications due May 1

Cycle 2: Letters of Intent due June 1, Applications due Aug 1

Cycle 3: Letters of Intent due Sept 1, Applications due Nov 1

The Award is based on the Baldrige Framework and evaluates all aspects of an organization’s management system: leadership, strategic planning, customer focus, measurement/information, workforce focus, operations, and results. All sizes and types of organizations are eligible (businesses, schools, healthcare organizations, nonprofts, and governmental agencies). Fees range from $7500-18,000, depending on size and membership status; discounts (and potential grants) are available for nonprofits. Organizations using the assessment get over 1000 hours of consultative input from a trained and highly expert volunteer Board of Evaluators.

“While the recognition is important,” says Brian Lassiter, president of the Performance Excellence Network, “the main objective of the assessment is to learn more about your organization – to identify and prioritize strengths and improvement opportunities. This is a validated diagnostic system that helps align activities, optimize resources, and improve outcomes.”

Since 1991, 133 organizations have received the Performance Excellence Award (formerly MN Quality Award). For more information, visit http://performanceexcellencenetwork.org/what-we-provide/assessments/. To express interest in applying (or to explore using one of our abbreviated, “short-cut” assessments), contact brian.lassiter@performanceexcellencenetwork.org.