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Create a culture of productivity that eliminates unnecessary interruptions, emails, and non-essential work! Get everyone in your company focused on their most important priorities and stop the highly reactionary behavior that has become the norm in business today.

Since productivity and employee engagement are tightly linked, this is a win-win for the organization and your employees. Lead by example by defining and following effective communication protocols across platforms and learn how to leverage your technology fully.

The Performance Excellence Network — in partnership with the Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence and the Iowa Quality Center — is pleased to announce a powerful workshop: Create a Culture of Productivity, Starting at the Top!  The workshop will be hosted April 18 IN PERSON from 1:00 to 4:00 PM CT and will be facilitated by Jan Lehman of CTC Productivity.  The workshop is one of four pre-conference workshops for the igniteEX 2024 conference, held later April 18 and all day April 19.  More information on the conference is here.  You may attend the workshop without attending the conference, but there is a discount for attending both!

Learn how the technology you are using every day is evolving and what you need to do now to be prepared for that transition. Join us for a tactical and strategic discussion on how to optimize your organization’s time, talent, and technology and help everyone work more effectively.

Learning Objectives:

* Learn time, and task management techniques that will revolutionize your business’s operations and begin to lay the foundation for an effective business communication strategy to drive company-wide efficiencies.

* Gain a high-level understanding of how the software you are already paying for can be leveraged to significantly improve communication, collaboration, and accountability across your organization.

* Learn how to effectively manage email so you can stay focused on your most important priorities.

The session will be hosted at Mystic Lake Conference Center, Prior Lake, MN on April 18 from 1:00-4:00.

Investment is $250 for members ($500 for non-members).  Discounts available for those also attending the igniteEX 2024 conference ($200). No group discounts available for this workshop, as space is limited and it WILL sell out!

Don’t miss this powerful opportunity to learn how to improve your own personal productivity, as well as create a culture for your team to do the same!

Facilitator Biography

Jan Lehman is a globally recognized productivity expert, international speaker, and best-selling author that has been featured in ForbesBusiness Journal, and Entrepreneur. She is dedicated to creating real relationships and curating a meaningful and relevant presentation for each of her clients. Combining a thoughtful blend of proven productivity practices and real-life examples, Jan offers a welcoming, engaging, inspirational, and high-energy space for personal growth.

Audience members will leave with actionable steps they can immediately incorporate into their work and personal lives. The examples Jan provides will allow individuals to imagine the best way to apply the productivity practices and tools to their own routines. Jan is passionate about creating a place of empathy and empowerment for her audience members, so they leave feeling energized and ready to make the most of their time.

“Jan’s engaging style and practical tips resonated with everyone. The tools and techniques she shared are becoming integral parts of our daily routines, fostering a more cohesive and effective work environment. One thing that sets Jan apart is her ability to tailor her content to the unique needs of the team, ensuring that her advice is not just theoretical but truly actionable. I wholeheartedly recommend Jan to any team looking to elevate their productivity and efficiency. Jan’s expertise has been transformative.”

— Jason O’Dell | Vice President Security Operations, Walmart

For more information on Jan, visit here (or her company CTC, visit here).

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